Case studies

'Having a young apprentice gives our organisation a new dynamic and it brings a certain energy to the office which we see as a really positive experience. Our apprentice is always eager to learn and we find this is rewarding for all levels of the team. Everyone is able to develop their own coaching and mentoring skills when helping and supporting the apprentice which is of benefit to all those involved'.

Matthew Peck, Apprentice supervisor at Teach Anywhere, 2012


'We are proud to have given our three recruits an avenue into work and to play a part in boosting youth employment. The success has made me evangelical about asking other businesses with whom we deal to consider taking an apprentice.  Our apprentices stood out in the field of candidates for their willingness to learn new skills and the way they presented themselves'.

Karen Cooksley, Apprentice supervisor at Winckworth Sherwood Solicitors, 2013



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